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Beyond exclusive: Go behind the scenes of Holden and Luke's 'Knock, Knock' argument

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING! Beyond episode 2.4 spoilers fly like broken propellers below. Do not go beyond this point until you have watched!

Holden's troubles continued on last night's episode of Beyond, titled "Knock, Knock." He's continuing to experience fallout from last week's warehouse breakdown, and he also seems to be coming around to the notion that he can't ignore his powers. He's not a normal person, and he's getting closer to realizing that he isn't going to have a normal life.

Holden's father isn't happy about his decision to quit (why he doesn't understand is anyone's guess -- he's in on Holden's secret), but the big piece of family drama this week came from a confrontation between Holden and his brother, Luke.

Holden finds out about Luke reuniting with Riley, as well as their twister mat sexcapades from last week. Holden doesn't trust Riley, but Luke is intent on helping people who need it -- he judges Holden for not doing the same.

Go behind the scenes of the brother's argument with actors Burkely Duffield (Holden) and Jonathan Whitesell (Luke) in this exclusive clip:


Both brothers seem to learn their respective lessons by the episode's end -- Riley proves once again that she cannot be trusted, and Holden seems more intent on helping those in need by possibly embracing his powers. The latter's revelation mostly comes after an intense argument with Willa, who he reunites with (physically and emotionally) after their "break-up" a couple of episodes prior.

Willa (Dilan Gwyn) has the pivotal scene of the episode -- after dealing with major problems of her own, she lets Holden know that it's not always about him. Her life is usually dominated by helping Holden with his issues, and she finally lets him know that he's not the only one who has them. How would Holden know that she's going through something? Well, as she tells him, he didn't ask.

Aside from all of the Holden/Willa/Luke/Riley drama, Charlie bought a gun (all too easily); Jeff Fahey (Lost) popped in... and then popped out when the Yellow Jacket Man killed him with a yo-yo (not kidding); and Pastor Ian continues to be the Creep-Master 5000. Should Willa dump Holden for good? Will Luke stay away from Riley? How many innocents will Charlie accidentally shoot? How many more three-pointers can Holden nail? Find out next week when Beyond airs its next episode -- Thursday at 8 p.m. on Freeform. We'll be back then with another exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

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