Beyond Season 2: Underwater Holden

Beyond exclusive: Go behind the scenes of Holden's underwater journey from 'F.G.B'

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

It's taken nine episodes, but Holden Matthews has once again gone... beyond. Welcome back to our weekly coverage of Freeform's Beyond, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Episode 2.9, titled "F.G.B."

From this point forward, there will be SPOILERS for Beyond Season 2, especially Episode 2.9. If you haven't seen it, this is one fridge you don't want to jump into just yet.

Still with us? Strap in and prepare to close the rift... hope you can swim.

Holden finally returns to the Realm in this episode, and he does so with the help of Jeff, Charlie, Edgar Abbot, and that fridge from the woods. After retrieving the fridge (and escaping a sudden attack from the T-1000, aka Diego), Team Holden tricks the current occupants of Edgar's house to vacate before getting down to business. It turns out that the telltale fridge is actually a makeshift sensory deprivation tank, and it's capable of sending Holden to the Realm in a whole new way. Beat that, Hollow Sky, and thank you, science!

They fill the tank with water and send Holden in, and soon enough Holden finds himself in the middle of an ocean. He is able to communicate with Edgar thanks to a child's walkie-talkie, but that soon stops working. Holden has to listen to the Realm itself — as Edgar tells him, it will let him know what it needs. Soon enough, the Realm has Holden swimming across that ocean to a multi-columned structure.

In our behind-the-scenes video for the week (seen above), actor Burkely Duffield (Holden) talks about how they went about shooting all of the underwater scenes, as well as the copious amounts of swimming he had to do. A lot of it was practical, and none of it sounds like fun.

Beyond- Edgar and Holden in front of the fridge

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Getting to the Realm turns out to only be the first part of Holden's journey, as he soon encounters Willa's father, who Willa just happened to speak to in his cryogenically preserved state. He's fully functional in the Realm, and he tells Holden that the only way for him to seal the rift and make things right is for Holden to make a "cosmic compromise." What exactly does that mean? Apparently it involves Holden stabbing a version of his younger self that's still in his coma. Part of him has been holding on to the notion of what his young life may have been, but as Frost tells him, it's "time to put away childish things." Holden stabs the image of his young self before emerging out of the fridge — he's confident that the breach was sealed, but he also knows that he's made a bargain with the Realm.

He is linked to it now, and as Charlie guesses by the end of the episode, this will lead to his death. All things in due time, however, because Team Holden has a much more pressing concern — though the breach is closed, Diego has already come through. He must be dealt with for true balance to be possible, and there's also the fact that he's a murderous psychopath. There are plenty of reasons to get rid of him.

Team Holden didn't have all of the fun last night, as Willa and Luke "begging to be punched" Matthews sought out Agent Borden, the "coffee with Yoo-hoo and sugar" lover... only to find out that she's not really Agent Borden at all. They race back to Arthur's home only to find that Hollow Sky has taken all of his equipment. Worse still, the Yellow Jacket Man is waiting for them. Who is fake-Borden actually working for? We really don't know — we thought she might have been with Hollow Sky, but by episode's end she is waltzing up to their doors in an FBI jacket and demanding to take a look at their headquarters. She perplexes us in so many ways.

Yellow Jacket Man actually started making some sense before he went into full-on cult-speech. As dangerous as YJM and Hollow Sky are, Diego and his merry band are far worse. This might be an "all hands on deck" situation, where YJM, Hollow Sky, and the extended Matthews clan will have to work together to take him down.

Let's shift gears and move over to RELATIONSHIP WATCH 3000. There's actually not much to report, romance-wise. Willa and Luke continue to bond, as do Holden and Charlie. We'd be very surprised if the season didn't end with Willa and Luke finally giving in to some next-level hand holding, and Charlie obviously cares for Holden. Whether Holden will still be alive to care about is up in the air. Aside from the fab four, there was a smattering of of hope for Holden's parents. At the very least, they're kind of on the same page for once, and it's all thanks to... you guessed it... PASTOR IAN.

It's Creep Corner With Pastor Ian: Beyond the Grave Edition! We thought that this universally famous segment was as dead as the creepy pastor himself, but thankfully we get a little reprieve. In one of his final creepy acts before getting popped off, Pastor Ian sent Diane a DVD that contains some footage of Holden that was shot with one of his hidden cameras. Both Tom and Diane (and a cop) see Holden thrashing around in his sleep, surrounded by a mass of swirling objects. He's way more powerful (and important) than they thought, so welcome to the secret, Tom and Diane! Bet you wish you weren't such a doof when Holden had to quit the warehouse now, eh, Tom?

All of this love and understanding, and all of it coming from the last place we thought it would come from. Even death can't keep Pastor Ian from creeping — who wants to bet that Diane receives a box of his toenail clippings next week? Even money.

How will our heroes (and antiheroes) deal with the Diego threat? What the heck is the deal with fake-Borden? We'll have to wait until Beyond returns to Freeform next Thursday at 8 to find out. We wouldn't dream of not checking in with a behind-the-scenes video the morning after, either.

What did you think of Episode 2.9? Do you think anything can take down Diego? Is the season going to end with Holden's death? Can anyone on this show be trusted? Let us know in the comment realm!