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Beyond exclusive: Go digging behind the scenes of 'Six Feet Deep'

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING: Grave spoilers below for last night's Beyond, "Six Feet Deep"!

The characters of Beyond kept on digging this episode, both literally and figuratively. Episode 2.5, titled "Six Feet Deep," also manages to reconnect some old relationships, as well as hint at some potential new ones.

First and foremost though, there's the digging. The Yellow Jacket Man and his associate are digging a hole deep enough (six feet at least) to bury the mentor he killed last week, and on the other side of the show, Holden and Luke Matthews are digging a hole of their own.

Holden is discovered by Luke during one of Holden's night walks to the woods, and once they're both there, Holden aims to get to the bottom of the visions he's been having. They are led to a mysterious buried freezer, and the brothers decide to grab some shovels and a thermos, and get digging. If you're thinking (as we did) that Holden could just lift the thing out of the hole with his powers, you'd be wrong— he already tried that.

In this week's exclusive video, go behind the scenes of the dig with actors Burkely Duffiield (Holden) and Jonathan Whitesell (Luke) as they discuss the process of digging the same hole over and over again. Whitesell also shares the dangers of kicking thermoses.


While the unearthing of the freezer was the most mysterious part of the episode (we still don't know much about it), that's far from all that went down. Picking up with last week's cliffhanger, Charlie made it clear that she wasn't interested in having anything to do with Holden. She flees her own motel room before stalking Arthur Frost with her newly purchased gun, but ultimately decides to leave him be. The episode ends with her crawling through Holden's window, and climbing into bed with him. They wrap their hands together, and this duo may be on track to finding each other again.

Wait a minute, though, what about Willa (Dilan Gwyn)? Technically Holden and Willa are still dating, but that's certainly on the rocks after she (rightfully) told him off last week. She got to know Luke a little better in this episode— he's trying to find her a coffee she'll like, she's trying to find him a tea, and she also beat to a pulp the guy Luke was in trouble with. They definitely seem to be getting to know one another.

In other news, Yellow Jacket Man has moved into some kind of upper management position for Hollow Sky, Pastor Ian manages to ratchet the creep factor up once again (no easy feat), and Holden's visions go to an entirely new place. He knows that his visions are the key to saving everyone from some kind of cataclysm, he just doesn't know what that entails yet. We'll have to wait and see if that freezer contains any answers—at least until Beyond's next episode, Thursday at 8 p.m. on Freeform. And, of course, we'll be back shortly thereafter with another exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

What did you think of this week's installment? Are you ready to see Pastor Ian get dumped in a hole of his own? Have you had enough of Luke's movie references? What might the future hold for Holden and Charlie? Be sure to let us know in the comments.