Beyond the Sky
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Beyond the Sky trailer finds documentary filmmaker trying to disprove aliens during alien attack

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Aug 24, 2018, 11:36 AM EDT (Updated)

At the core of alien abduction stories and mysterious Area 51-esque tales of UFOs is the doubt of nighttime lights and shady government secrets. Certainty isn’t a factor when it comes to the subject — in fact, when it’s there, as in the case of, say, The X-Files’ Mulder, it’s a matter of faith. So when a sci-fi film comes out about punishing a foolish alien abduction skeptic, it can often look like one of those films pushing a different kind of doctrine.

That’s what’s happened with the trailer for Beyond the Sky, which gives alien abduction the God’s Not Dead treatment. Rather than an atheist out to kill God, the movie stars a documentary filmmaker out to prove abductions fake. Needless to say, aliens show up, a romance blossoms, and the film has some uncomfortable Native American stereotypes talking about the truth. And Peter Stormare is there.

Take a look:

Aside from some big and brash alien reveal VFX, Fulvio Sestito’s film mostly seems like its hero (played by Ryan Carnes) running around with a repeat abductee (played by Jordan Hinson) and being told that aliens exist. That is, until the aliens come and get them. Then, you’d think, the movie would be over. Aliens proven. But maybe there’re a few tricks up its doubting sleeves — maybe the aliens have some Indiana Jones-esque plotline of their own.

We’ll find out, non-believer and believer alike, when Beyond the Sky hits theaters on Sept. 21.