Big Trouble returns to Little China … in comic-book form

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May 28, 2014, 4:38 PM EDT (Updated)

The John Carpenter movie Big Trouble in Little China, about a truck driver who gets swept up into a world of Chinese magic and kung-fu fighting, entertained the hell out of us in 1986. The movie was left open-ended, but with the film's low box-office take, we never thought we'd get a sequel. Now, after all these years, we're ... not actually getting a sequel. But we are getting a comic book.

According to Entertainment Weekly,

Beginning with the first issue on June 4, Boom! Studios will be rolling out Big Trouble in Little China, the new comic book series co-written by Eric Powell (creator of the awesome series The Goon) and Carpenter, with art care of Brian Churilla (creator of the critically acclaimed The Secret History of D.B. Cooper). In the comic, Burton — still played by the likeness of the mullet-clad Russell — finds a series of new adventures aboard the Pork Chop Express, the big rig he kept trying to recover in the film.

The comic picks up the moment the movie ends, with Jack driving away in his truck after surviving multiple magic-fueled battles. As the comic starts, Jack realizes that a demon has hitched a ride.

We see instantly that the comic has captured the tone of the movie: Jack says, "What are you? Don't tell me, some unearthly hell-beast servant of Lo Pan?" Of course, the next caption reads, "This is an unearthly hell-beast servant of Lo Pan."

The only problem with the Big Trouble in Little China comic book is that actor Kurt Russell, who played Jack, won't be providing a wry stream-of-consciousness narrative. 

First, check out this panel, from Entertainment Weekly. Second, check out the trailer for the original movie, below, to remind you how cool this cult film was. Third, tell us in the comments how awesome it would be if we get to see the Lords of Death re-take Jack's truck.

Big Trouble in Little China

Via EW.

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