Big Bang has record night, Alcatraz stays strong & 19 other shows

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Dec 16, 2012

We're fully settled into a new year of genre television now, and the list of shows we're watching just keeps getting bigger. Next week we'll add even more, but this week the shows already on our chart were more than enough to make things interesting. Alcatraz held on to solid numbers in its third week, and Merlin continues to impress over on Syfy. But the big winner was CBS, who saw record nights for both The Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest.

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Alcatraz (FOX) - 8.44 million viewers/2.8/7 share
Alcatraz took another dip in its third week on the air, but it's still holding on to decent numbers, better numbers than Terra Nova had after only its second week on the air back in October. That might be bad news for Terra Nova, but so far—viewer losses aside—things are still good for Alcatraz.

Being Human (Syfy) - 1.66 million viewers/0.8
After two straight weeks of strong numbers, Being Human stayed strong by basically breaking even in the third week of its second season. Good news for this show, but now we wait to see if it can stay that way or, even better, get stronger.

Lost Girl (Syfy) - 1.44 million viewers/0.5
After a small but significant dip in week two, Lost Girl bounced back in its third week to very nearly the same audience as its series premiere. It's too early to tell for sure, but it looks like this show is already building a stable audience.

Fans are fighting to keep Terra Nova alive, but FOX has two new genre shows—Alcatraz and Touch—pulling in better numbers. That's not good news for this show, but the battle's not over yet.


American Horror Story (FX) - DONE FOR SEASON
No worries for American Horror Story. Season two is on the way, and all we have to do is wait.

Touch (FOX) - OFF
The series premiere of Touch was all kinds of good news for FOX, but if you liked the show you're in for a bit of a wait. Episode two doesn't hit until March.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - 16.54 million viewers/5.5/16 share
Is there no limit to how high this show can rise? Just when you think The Big Bang Theory has reached its zenith, it sets another series record for viewership. Thursday night was the most-watched broadcast in the history of the series, and it tied the juggernaut American Idol for the top spot in the ratings.

Person of Interest (CBS) - 15.10 million viewers/3.3/9 share
Person of Interest was another show to set a series record for CBS Thursday night, passing the 15 million viewer mark for the first time in its (brief) history and taking a solid ratings score to boot.

The Vampire Diaries (CW) - 2.74 million viewers/1.2/3 share
The Vampire Diaries returned after a week off to roughly the same numbers it had two weeks ago, though it did manage to pick up a tenth of a ratings point. This show would look better if it could cross that 3 million mark a little more often, but for a CW show it's still going strong.

The Secret Circle (CW) - 1.74 million viewers/0.7/2 share
The Secret Circle came back from its week off to a 100,000-viewer increase Thursday. This year is bringing lower numbers for this show than last year so far, but it's still not doing bad for its network. Now if it could just hold on to a few more Vampire Diaries viewers ...


A Gifted Man (CBS) - 8.41 million viewers/1.3/4 share
A Gifted Man took a 300,000-viewer drop in its return from two weeks off. Its viewers have never been bad, but it continues to be dwarfed by the other CBS shows on Friday nights. That means it's probably fat that the network will soon cut.

Chuck signed off last Friday, and we'll miss it. It wasn't a ratings-heavy program, but boy, was it fun.

Fringe (FOX) - 3.20 million viewers/1.2/4 share
Fringe took a very slight dip in viewers this week, but held on to its rating and picked up a share point. The viewership may stay low, but stability is stability.

Grimm (NBC) - 4.79 million viewers/1.4/4 share
Grimm came back from a week off to significantly lower numbers than it had two weeks ago, but it's still not bad for a Friday night show, and it's still well within reach of 5 million viewers and beyond.

Supernatural (CW) - 1.72 million viewers/0.8/2 share
After a two-week absence Supernatural returned to nearly 200,000 more viewers and one tenth bump in its rating. We're still waiting to see if it can ever crack 2 million viewers again, but as it is it remains a stable show for The CW.

Clone Wars (TOON) - 1.8 million viewers/0.4
Clone Wars picked up about 200,000 viewers this week, continuing a streak of strong 2012 numbers over on Cartoon Network. Maybe it's all the hype over Darth Maul eventually popping back up, but so far this show's having a pretty good year.

Sanctuary (Syfy) - DONE FOR SEASON
We still don't know if we'll see a fifth year for Sanctuary, but it managed to end its fourth with a nice little numbers spike. For now, we leave it with good news.

Merlin (Syfy) - 1.71 million viewers/0.5
Merlin's four-week gaining streak finally snapped this week when it took a 300,000-viewer dive. But it's still pulling in very strong numbers for Syfy, so unless the drop continues there's absolutely no reason to be worried.

Spartacus: Vengeance (Starz) - 1.3 million viewers/0.6
Spartacus: Vengeance very nearly broke even in its second week, and since the first week was a great one, that's very good news for Starz. Very small drop-off in week two of a series means viewers that want to stick around. Now we just wait to see exactly how long some of them will stick around.


The Walking Dead (AMC) - OFF

Finally, we've got less than a week until The Walking Dead returns. There's no reason not to expect big numbers here, and we'll have those for you next week.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - OFF
Once Upon a Time took the week off to avoid directly competing with the Super Bowl. It'll be back Sunday with a new episode.