Big stars committed to playing tiny people in Downsizing

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Alexander Payne is putting the finishing touches on the social satire Downsizing, a script about miniature people, and has put together a big-name cast, Variety reported.

Paul Giamatti, Sacha Baron Cohen and Reese Witherspoon (who, coincidentally, voices a giant woman in the animated Monsters vs. Aliens) have all committed to star in the film, which would likely land at Fox Searchlight, the trade paper reported.

The project marks Payne's first feature helming job since 2004's Sideways, which was also a Searchlight film.

Giamatti, who teamed with the director on Sideways, is aboard to star as a man low on money who decides he can have a much nicer life if he undergoes a process to shrink himself.

Witherspoon, whose career took off after starring in Payne's Election, would play a woman Giamatti meets on his journey as a miniature person. Baron Cohen would play a pint-sized foreigner.

There are no deals in place for the three principals, and no negotiations will take place until Payne finishes his screenplay, which he is writing with Jim Taylor.