Big V shakeup: Former Chuck producer takes over

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

There's been a big shakeup at ABC's V, which debuts tonight: Scott Peters, who has been the guy running the show for last several months, has been replaced by Scott Rosenbaum, a former executive producer of NBC's Chuck.

Peters (The 4400) has been the guy shepherding the reboot project, which stars his 4400 alumnus Joel Gretsch and even shoots at the same studio in Vancouver, Canada, where 4400 shot.

Here's how The Wrap reported it:

Peters will retain an executive producer credit on "V." But Rosenbaum, an executive producer on "Chuck" (and "The Shield"), will now be at the helm.

The showrunner shift had been anticipated in Hollywood circles for weeks, since ABC and Warner Bros. TV made the joint decision to halt production on the series in order to get scripts in shape. According to USA Today, which broke the news of the shuffle, Peters was removed from his post last Thursday.

Meanwhlie, Chicago Tribune columnist Maureen Ryan notes that another V executive producer/writer, Jeffrey Bell (Harper's Island, Angel), is expected to leave. Peters is expected to remain on the V staff and write for the show.

The show has undergone some upheaval: The original pilot was tweaked to redo the final fight scene and now features a sci-fi element, a floating alien device called a "seeker," as well as amped-up action.

The first of four V episodes airs tonight. After four eps, the show will take a hiatus until March.

Does the hiring of Chuck's Rosenbaum suggest that ABC wants a lighter touch on this material? The original series had its campy moments: Are they looking for the same kind of thing? What do you think?