Bigfoot researchers say they've found a sasquatch nest in Siberia

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Dec 15, 2012

The long-running debate over the existence of Bigfoot continues. Apparently new evidence has surfaced in Siberia that might prove that the hairy sasquatch is alive and kicking!

Last month, we learned that scientists from the U.S., China and Russia were joining forces to track down the elusive yeti, aka the Abominable Snowman. But he wasn't the only mythical beast on their radar. At a recent conference in Moscow, scientists gathered before taking part in a Siberian expedition to examine the latest Bigfoot sighting. In the area there are a group of twisted trees that natives believe are nests made by the creature. So were they?

Biologist John Bindernagel took part in the expedition and told the Sun, "We didn't feel like the trees we saw in Siberia had been done by a man or another mammal. Twisted trees like this have also been observed in North America, and they could fit with the theory that Bigfoot makes nests. The nests we have looked at are built around trees twisted together into an arch shape."

So could the trees be part of nature's natural design? Or was Bigfoot making his presence known? The debate over his existence has plagued the scientific community for years. Despite the countless "photos" and first-person encounters, Bigfoot's existence is still considered a combination of folklore, misidentification and hoax.

(via The Telegraph)

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