The biggest interdimensional cross rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909!

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Oct 31, 2007

More Halloween stuff... (and yes, I know Ray Stantz got the date wrong)...

In general, I love librarians. They help people learn! But not always...

According to the Charlotte Observer:

There are strange things happening in the stacks of the Morehead City library.

Large books inexplicably leave the shelves and wind up on the floor. A light bulb fell from a fixture and landed upright, unbroken.

"It's really interesting," says Sandy Bell, director of the Webb Library and Civic Center. "None of the staff has felt threatened."

Hmmmm. I would certainly feel threatened.

Bell has no explanation for the incidents, but she says the building "does have an aura."

Oh, it's radioactive? Phosphorescent? On fire? The lights are on? Yeah, maybe, but nobody's home:

She said unusual things seem to happen whenever the staff makes changes. For example, she said, she decided to move the children's section from its longtime home upstairs to a new room downstairs. Soon after, she said, the staff left the library in perfect order and returned the next day to find large art books on the floor with the pages balled up.

When I am in a situation like this, I always remember what the great scientist Peter Venkman said when also confronted by ghosts in a library: "No human would stack books this way".

Seriously. Some vandals are getting away with doing a lot of damage, because librarians -- librarians! -- would rather think it was ghosts than the far far more obvious, simple, and rational explanation.

This is why I fight, folks. It's not just politics, religion, and science. It's teh stupid. It must be stopped.

Tip o' the unlicensed nuclear accelerator to BABloggee uknesvuinng.

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