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Billy Burke teases how Revolution's about to get 'bigger and broader'

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Apr 1, 2013, 6:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Now that NBC's Revolution is actually about a revolution and [redacted] is dead, you can expect things to change big-time for Miles and the rest of the rebels, said actor Billy Burke in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

As the series continues through the second half of its freshman season, there will be plenty of surprises for Burke's character, Miles Matheson, who will deal with everything from his dark past with Monroe, to why the blackout happened in the first place, to leading the rebels in their battle against Monroe.

"The writers told us going in, 'The journey that you think you're on is only going to spin into another journey. It's going to get bigger and broader.' We've got a whole world to explore out there. This is just a tiny piece of the country right now. This is a worldwide event, so there's so many places to go with it,” said Burke.

"It makes for a lot of great moveable parts. I think that the writers ... I'm sure they must be pulling their hair out every day. But they must be having so much fun, because there really aren't any lines that they need to worry about coloring outside of. They can kind of go anywhere they want to,” he said.

Burke's character, Miles, has turned out to be one complicated fellow, and that's just what we know about him so far. He is Charlie's uncle, who was a kickass military man before the blackout. He and his BFF, Monroe, decided to try to bring order back to the country after it got plunged into darkness, but instead ended up creating a dictatorship that ruled the land with an iron fist. And then when Miles realized that Monroe was going off the deep end, their split cut both of them to the core.

Burke was originally cast to play Monroe. But when creator Eric Kripke couldn't find the right actor to play Miles, his game plan changed and he realized he already had the perfect Miles in Burke. “I would have been happy either way, you know what I mean? Monroe's a great role, too,” said Burke.

So Burke became Miles and the role of Monroe went to David Lyons. Their broken bromance has become key in driving the action in the second half of the season as Monroe goes after Miles and the rebels with a vengeance.

"It's easily my favorite stuff to do,” said Burke, about working with Lyons. “My favorite scenes that we actually, physically put up are those scenes. From page to screen, it's just got, for me, for my money as a viewer, too, that's got the meat in it for me. That's the stuff that I'm curious about, you know?”

According to Burke, he came into the role knowing Miles had done some unsavory things in his past. “I had a feeling from the get-go. We all knew that he had a dark past and we knew that he had a military history. I mean, I knew that going in. Did I know that the genesis for the militia came from him, that it was his idea? No, I did not know that. So yeah, reading those scripts when he and I are walking along the path post-power-outage and [running into vicious men that killed anyone in their path], hopefully we'll explore a lot more of those moments in depth. But just the genesis of the idea and his determination to bring some order to the chaos … I had no idea of that stuff going in. So it's been great to play with.”

When it comes to Miles, “the real journey is the inward one. He's on an outward journey that he had no interest in being on in the first place. If he had his way from the very first moment, from the pilot when Charlie showed up, he would have said, 'Get out of here, kid. I've got no time for this.' He tried to do that, but the interesting part about it is that every human being has a heart of some kind, no matter how big or small. And she opened up that little window inside. And now that window's kind of expanding. He's exploring and struggling with having a bigger heart than he thought he had,” said Burke.

The other element that's being explored is Miles' romantic side. He shared a kiss with Nora, and, according to previews, a little something something happened with Rachel too in the past.

"Yeah. There's obviously some history there, some rich history that neither I nor Elizabeth knows very much about at this point either. We're discovering that as we go along,” he said.

"I've been kicking around in this business for 20-something years now, and there's actually few times where you can look at the piece of work that's put out there and you can actually be proud of it. For a network television show, I think this show has really, really made ... it's really brought a different flavor to television that just isn't there anymore. We don't have this show anymore on network television. And that I'm really proud of. The fact that it's had this kind of impact and been a part of the resurgence of our network, NBC, we can all be proud of too,” said Burke.

He believes Revolution can continue "as long as we keep the surprises coming. All I want out of a television show is that I be intrigued and entertained. And I don't want the show to think I'm a dummy, you know? I don't want my information spoon-fed to me and things overly explained. So as long as we keep the surprises coming, I think for my involvement, I'll be happy.”

Here's a sneak peek with Miles on tonight's episode, "Ghosts":

Revolution airs on NBC on Mondays at 10 p.m.

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