Billy Crystal rides again in Funny or Die's City Slickers in Westworld

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May 2, 2017, 1:23 PM EDT (Updated)

This seems like the Westworld/City Slickers mashup we've always wanted but didn't quite know how to ask for, lingering in our recent dreams like a half-remembered memory wipe from the '90s. Well, the laugh experts at Funny or Die have restored our wishful fragments and created this amazing spoof called City Slickers in Westworld, with Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern reprising their roles from 1991's City Slickers ... now android hosts residing in the sci-fi theme park of HBO's Westworld.

Here's the official synopsis:

Years after their City Slickers narrative was retired, Westworld hosts Mitch (Billy Crystal) and Phil (Daniel Stern) are still happily driving cattle. However, Mitch has started to malfunction and it's up to Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) to analyze why he has gone off his loop.

Watching this I realize how much I miss Crystal and his particular brand of humor and it's too cool to see him and Stern falling into their old schtick in the artificial realms of Dr. Ford's fantastic Old West creation. But what really sells this perfect parody is the fact that Funny or Die was able to get three of the original actors from the hit series to go along with the gag: Ptolemy Slocum (Sylvester), Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs) and Angela Sarafyan (Clementine).

Saddle up and tell us if this spoof hits the spot!

(via Geek Tyrant)