Binge bummer: Netflix isn't coming to Nintendo Switch anytime soon

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Jan 15, 2018, 1:58 PM EST (Updated)

Sorry, bingers, but we've got some bad news: Netflix will not be launching on the Nintendo Switch, at least not anytime soon. It'd seem to be a no-brainer to make Netflix compatible with any piece of technology that is capable of connecting to the Internet — but apparently not.

Despite the Switch being one of the fastest-selling consoles in video game history with record-breaking game sales, there are currently no plans to launch a Netflix app on the system. This was confirmed when the streaming service's official help center was asked about it on Twitter in the following two exchanges--about two hours apart--that resulted in the exact same answers:

(The above tweet has since been deleted)


In a follow-up statement to SYFY WIRE, Netflix softened its stance:

"We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time. The statement from the Netflix CS twitter handle is being modified to reflect this," said a Netflix representative in an email to SYFY WIRE.

The modified tweet is as follows:

Reaction to Netflix's initial response was less than happy as people began to call out Netflix for not understanding the "Nintendo Generation" and making a huge mistake for not partnering with the gaming company like other brands (such as Hulu) have already done. 

There's still a possibility that they two companies could reach a deal in the near future, so there's no need to wallow in eternal misery if you are a Switch owner. In this brave new world of ours, never say never. 

Nintendo did not immediately respond to SYFY WIRE's request for comment.