Scientists moving ahead with research to resurrect the dead with stem cells

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Mar 6, 2017, 6:42 PM EST (Updated)

A U.S. biotech company is preparing to start experiments using stem cells to try to stimulate 20 brain-dead patients back to life. And no, this isn't an elevator pitch for a sci-fi horror film.

The Mind Unleashed reports the company Bioquark will be trying to use stem cells to regrow and stimulate neurons to bring the patients back from brain death. It works like this: They implant stem cells in the patient's brain while also infusing the spinal cord with chemicals typically used to try and wake up coma patients. Then, hopefully, brain activity is essentially "jump-started." The technique is untested, so these experiments will go a long way toward proving (or disproving) the viability of the process.

Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor said they hope to see some results within 2-3 months after treatment begins, with the long-term goal being to develop techniques for brain-dead patients to eventually be able to make a full recovery. Which is certainly a heady, and ethically tricky, goal. You know, and also kind of scary. Ambitious and potentially live-saving, but still a little freaky.

What do you think of the technique? Is this going to revolutionize brain recovery or be the first step toward the T-virus?

(via The Mind Unleashed)