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BioShock's creator signs on to write long-delayed Logan's Run remake

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Jun 18, 2013, 6:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Our interest in this remake just skyrocketed. 

Logan's Run is one of those cult sci-fi movies that's beloved based more upon how weird it is than its actual quality. But the book-turned-film has its charms. The idea of a seemingly utopian society that kills off all its citizens once they turn 30 years old (21 in the book) is the kind of speculative sci-fi that hits all the right moral questions and mortal fears.

But it's also incredibly cheesy and ridiculous, so, despite rumors of a remake over the years, it has seemed far more likely that Logan's Run would (and should) remain the '70s schlock it was.

But now a writer has come onto the project who has us watering at the mouth for a new version -- Ken Levine. If his name doesn't immediately jump out at you, it's because he's not known for movies, but for creating a videogame series called BioShock.

There. Now we have your attention.

The BioShock series is incredibly well known for its sprawling worlds, dystopian alternate timelines and zany characters. Levine has an eye for detail that has made BioShock a household name. And now, apparently because Levine is a huge fan of the Logan's Run, he wants to make its story famous all over again.

So we say bring on the domed city, the runners, the Sandmen and the Carousel. This is the time of Renewal!

(via Deadline)