BioWare reveals new game Anthem at EA Play

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Jun 18, 2017, 6:18 PM EDT (Updated)

BioWare’s brand new IP debuted at EA Play, the unofficial kickoff to E3 2017. A full trailer for the game, Anthem, will air tomorrow during the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference, but a teaser trailer started the intrigue and announced the name of the game, first teased a couple of years ago.

BioWare, of course, is the celebrated developer behind games like the Mass Effect franchise, Dragon Age, and Star Wars games centered around the galaxy far, far away thousands of years before the events of the films in The Old Republic. In Anthem, we'll see them do something new, as the first teaser shows off, simply, "The Wall," and a world that looks like it's seen better days. The wall is meant to "protect us from what lies beyond," and with that, we see a massive monster - think Kaiju like those seen in the Pacific Rim film.

Next, we see small-ish mecha suits of armor, drawing some more Pacific Rim comparisons, for sure. This armor is what you'll be wearing to be able to stand up to the monsters beyond the wall.

They also announced that we'll have a full gameplay trailer tomorrow, Sunday, during Microsoft's presser at 1 pm PDT. Until then, watch this teaser repeatedly and get every bit of info you can.