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Credit: BioWare

Bioware's new game Anthem showcases gameplay, spidery boss in new video

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Jul 5, 2018, 4:33 PM EDT

Bioware’s Anthem — the game studio’s follow-up to its beloved sci-fi franchise Mass Effect — has been a bit of an underwhelming enigma for fans since its announcement and subsequent trailer debut at E3. Hoping to assuage fears that without the dialogue-focused relationship building in Bioware’s previous games, Anthem would purely be another familiar sci-fi-ish shooter, the company released a nice long gameplay video highlighting the multiplayer missions.

With plenty of mecha suits, big fantastic monsters (including a huge spider-looking beast at the end called the “Swarm Tyrant”), and otherwise weird aesthetic content, Anthem has everything it needs to be a fit for fans - and looking at this gameplay might help convince them.

Check it out — if you’ve got 20 minutes to burn:

That’s a lot of combat in this raid. The video comes narrated by BioWare lead producer Ben Irving and focuses on a mission called Scars & Villainy. According to Variety, the Scars are the antagonistic invaders that fight the player faction, the Freelancers. This particular mission involves the investigation of an acid weapon.

These missions are co-op up to four players and friends can hop in at any time, though they should watch out for random events that could emerge from the world of Anthem at any time. These events are randomly-generated, so the players in the video actually had to run from one. “What that means is every time you go out and explore the world, you’ll have a totally different experience that yields different rewards,” Irving said.

The mission led to a Stronghold, which is a four-player mode that sends players through a structured adventure to receive better loot and beat a boss - like a World of Warcraft dungeon. When you find one, you can fast travel to it from the map. The combat looks like a slick mix of gunplay and magic, with an emphasis on combo moves with your team. The mobs are so big that timing area-of-effect attacks seems paramount - even when fighting something as huge as the Swarm Tyrant

Anthem comes out on February 22, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.