Bird Box via official Netflix YouTube preview 2018
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Netflix warns against viral 'challenge' as Bird Box fans don blindfolds

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Jan 2, 2019, 12:02 PM EST

First came the memes, then came the reenactments. Netflix’s hit movie Bird Box, which does for sight what A Quiet Place did for sound earlier in 2018, has been inspiring its many fans to do some blindfolded cosplay in honor of the characters who must live without seeing if they want to live at all.

To avoid monsters whose very appearance makes people lose their minds, the humans of Bird Box wear blindfolds and navigate the world without sight. Now, using the hashtag “#birdboxchallenge,” plenty of Twitter users are supplying their own videos of what it’s like to take your family around the world when you’re used to having vision — and must choose to do without.

And yes, Netflix is already telling people not to hurt themselves with this:

That's because rather than referential memes, like other viral Bird Box content, these videos are closer to the widespread costumes inspired by, say Stranger Things’ Joyce Byers. Sandra Bullock’s character and the two kids she’s attempting to save are just the next big thing in dressing up like beloved pop culture.

Take a look:

OK, so some of these are still jokes. (And we suspect there might be some cheating going on underneath a few of these "blindfolds.") But several people out there are attempting to do things without seeing, all in the name of pop culture. With fan communities still making strides in terms of accessibility, a film like Bird Box (and challenges like these) invariably calls attention to the very real challenges facing those truly affected by sightlessness — a good thing to keep sight of as the world of geeky fandom inevitably begins busting out blindfolds at conventions and, yes, Halloween.