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Bird Box memes take flight with funny tweets

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Dec 27, 2018, 7:55 PM EST

There are just some things you can’t unsee, and Twitter is now jammed with people compelled to share their angst after making time over the long holiday weekend to get a good look at Bird Box, Netflix’s new horror movie starring Sandra Bullock.

**SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for Bird Box below. If you haven’t yet seen it and want to go into the experience with fresh eyes, then fly away, little bird — fly away now!**

Netflix officially did a number on some viewers’ minds with Bird Box’s unthinkable premise: You must somehow run full-speed from evil while completely denying yourself the gift of sight. That’s because an unseen malevolent presence is out there, triggering a presto-apocalypse when it manifests people’s darkest fears before their eyes, which in turn causes them immediately to break down and kill themselves.

Thus, only those who manage to avoid looking at the presence in the first place have a fighting chance — and the evil force seems to be everywhere all at once, spreading out across the landscape to trigger anyone who isn’t safely stationed on the other side of tightly shut doors and blacked-out windows. 

To stay alive, you have to go outside at some point, though, and blindfolds become the number-one piece of bug-out gear in Bird Box’s brand of survival horror. As stressed-out mom Malorie (Bullock) ends up having to stagger through the woods, navigate river rapids, and even use weapons while relying on her sight-inhibiting piece of headgear to avoid catching a glimpse of her worst nightmares and going suicidally insane. All with kids in tow!

It’s a trippy setup — one that shares more than a passing resemblance to A Quiet Place, this year’s other sensory-deprived horror sensation. And it freaked Twitter right out; here are some of the funniest viewer takeaways...

Is all this panic over peeking justified? Critical opinions over Bird Box have been pretty split, so we’d love to know how you reacted. Chirp your thoughts about Netflix’s newest thriller in the comments — and keep those shades drawn tight.