Birds of Prey may be about to wing their way onto Arrow

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Oct 9, 2013, 4:14 PM EDT

Hey, remember when there was a Birds of Prey show on The WB?

Black Canary, Huntress and Oracle. Those are three of the greatest members of the DC Universe, and they were made even better when they teamed up to become the Birds of Prey. Gail Simone penned one of her best comic runs ever under that title, and since then those characters have stood out as some of the best-developed ladies in funny books.

When it comes to live-action incarnations, though, Birds of Prey came up dreadfully short. In its single season, it spent too much time trying to be a darker, edgier, more lady-fied Smallville and very little time actually bringing what made the comic great to the small screen. Yes, it had a bit of a campy charm, but not enough to justify a second season.

But these three women may be set to reunite under a very different banner -- Arrow.

In a recent interview, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrews Kreisberg talked about Canary's upcoming appearance and acknowledged that, with Huntress already on the show, they are only one member away from a Birds of Prey reunion. Here's how Guggenheim weighed in on the possibility:

We have an idea for how to do our version of Birds of Prey. When you think about it, we have a lot of pieces. It's a lot like the Suicide Squad. As we continue to populate our world with new characters and some returning people from last year, you start to go, "We're really close to that!" We saw this awesome bit of production art for a new set that we realized plays into Birds of Prey completely. Our art department wasn't even intending that! There's certainly a momentum toward that, but everything has to happen in due time. With respect to Birds of Prey specifically, there's an actress that we particularly need to make that piece work, and we need to check on her availability.

We think that's cause for some cautious excitement. While Arrow's shying away from the super part of superheroes can be hit-or-miss, we feel like it could really serve the Birds of Prey well, especially since doing the opposite proved so harmful to them on their own show.

(via TV Guide)