Animated Superman fan film shows the Man of Steel we always wanted

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Remember that Superman Classic animation we shared with you back in February? Well, take the awe you felt from that, multiply it by 10, and then add some scare just for fun and you get Bizarro Classic.

Animator Rob Pratt is at it again, this time taking on one of Superman's most classic nemeses. There's so much to love here. Once again, Pratt brings the classic aesthetic of Fleischer's original Superman serials, reminding us that you don't need to make the Man of Steel modern to make him relevant and enticing.

Superboy actor John Newton also returns, playing both Superman and Bizarro. Perhaps most interesting was how they chose to record Bizarro's single line of dialogue—backward!

The whole thing gave us chills, and, in the end, when Rob Pratt asked if people wanted more, it seemed impossible that anyone could say no. See for yourself and, if you loved it even a fraction as much as we did, let Pratt (and DC Animation, for that matter) know it.

(Via Bleeding Cool)