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Jun 18, 2006

So Mrs. Bad, Little Bad, Nephew Bad, and I took a day trip to San Francisco to soak up some cool air (it's been pretty hot around here the past couple of days) and try an ice cream place I heard about on a travel show. We went to Golden Gate Park to go to a part of it we hadn't been to before, and at one point I nudge my nephew and say "Doesn't that woman look like Bjork?" Turns out, it was her (we confirmed later on the internets when we got home). I didn't talk to her or anything; I figure, let her vacation in peace.

Still, that was cool.

Oh, and the ice cream was good, too. If you're near the Mission District, try Mitchell's ice cream. Avoid the purple yam, but the mocha fudge was very yummy.

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