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Black Adam producer gives update, hints at backstory: 'He's not a boy scout'

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Aug 28, 2018, 1:14 PM EDT

Black Adam has been in the works even longer than The Batman movie (as crazy as it seems), but fans of star Dwayne Johnson and the whole Shazam!-verse will be happy to know that the film is still well on its way. Following the surprisingly exciting Shazam! trailer, Black Adam’s being teased as a tonal opposite to its Big-like humor as it heads through development.

To find out a little more about the secretive film, Collider talked to Seven Bucks Productions president of production Hiram Garcia, who’s also a producer on Black Adam, about the upcoming film’s status, influences, and tone.

First off, Garcia caught everyone up to date: "So where we are now with Black Adam is we just got our latest script [from Adam Sztykiel]. We’re doing some revisions on it." A new script is great, because that means the tone is being shaped closer to the final product. Garcia was excited to talk about what fans can expect from the take on the antihero, saying comic fans would have everything they needed to scratch their Adam itch, “especially when he’s not a boy scout.”

“Especially when he’s got edge to him," Garcia said. “Like, he’s not the boy scout superhero, he’s the guy that’s like, okay, you cross him? Well, I rip your head off, and then I move on to the next guy.” That sounds pretty dark compared to his sometimes friend, oftentimes foe Shazam. Could Black Adam have an R rating?

Quite possibly, especially considering the backstory that Garcia says helped woo its star to the project. Explaining why Black Adam was a character that interested both the studio and Johnson as a potential fit, Garcia cited "the history [Adam] has with regards to having been a former slave and freeing his people and then getting his abilities and what happened from there."

This references Adam’s origins in The New 52 reboot as a slave in the Ancient Egyptian analogue of Kahndaq. It was there that Adam was granted his powers and fought off the Seven Deadly Sins, being revealed as pretty corrupt and vengeful, and eventually succumbing to Shazam after a battle of wits. It would make for a pretty great origin story, if one had to wager a guess. However, there’s still plenty of time to rewrite the script further for this film.

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