The Rock on Black Adam in Shazam
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WIRE Buzz: Black Adam eyes summer 2020 shoot; Broadcast Signal Intrusion; more

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Oct 19, 2019, 7:37 PM EDT (Updated)

Shazam beware! Dwayne Johnson’s long-coming Black Adam film has finally nailed down when it’ll start shooting, which means the antihero will be sparring with other caped crusaders soon enough. While fans knew that after Johnson’s comic villain (who looks to take a moral turn in his standalone movie) failed to cameo in Shazam!, the film would be ramping up — now the star himself has spilled a more exact date on when production begins.

Posting on Twitter, Johnson revealed a little more about the movie thanks to a fan's appreciative art project. Check it out:

After a decade of planning and a decade of rumors about whether and when the DC character would make his big-screen debut, it all becomes real in July. The film, from director Jaume Collet-Serra (The Shallows) and writer Adam Sztykiel, will add to the DCEU’s ever-expanding universe — and now the question is whether Billy Batson will make a cameo this time around.

Black Adam starts production in July of 2020.

Next, things are getting robotic in Chicago thanks to the upcoming film Broadcast Signal Intrusion. Based on some real disturbances of the airwaves back in the ‘80s, the movie, from director Jacob Gentry (Synchronicity) and writers Tim Woodall and Phil Drinkwater, is a techno-thriller sparked by footage of an imprisoned android.

Deadline reports that Harry Shum Jr. (Shadowhunters) and Chris Sullivan (I Trapped the Devil) have been cast as the movie’s leads, with Shum playing the video archivist who discovers the spooky robot clip. Is it real? Is it advanced hacking tech? Paranoia reigns as he investigates — and only finds a deep, dark rabbit hole awaiting him.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion is filming in Chicago now.

Finally, upcoming HBO Max show Station Eleven has cast its leads. The Emily St. John Mandel adaptation from Patrick Somerville (Maniac) will bring a post-apocalyptic show to the streaming service that traffics in big time jumps over the course of its flu-ridden story. After a pandemic rocks the world, humanity must rebuild. And now fans know who two of those rebuilders will be.

According to Deadline, Mackenzie Davis (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Himesh Patel (Yesterday) will be two of the main cast. Davis plays Kirsten, a Shakespearean actor and Georgia Flu survivor, while Patel plays Jeevan, a man whom the plague helped turn from unemployed to a much-needed leader.

Hiro Murai will direct the speculative series, which does not yet have a production date.