Black Canary lives on Arrow!

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:13 AM EDT (Updated)

When Arrow returns this fall, a new, official Black Canary will take flight. Dinah Drake -- the cop whose metahuman power means she has a natural Canary Cry -- will officially don the leather Black Canary costume.


Of course, Dinah's journey to Black Canary has been a tough one: She was an undercover cop who got her powers after a STAR Labs incident occured while she watched her partner die at the hands of drug dealers. She left the police force and joined Team Arrow, in something I am going to call a post-traumatic life change. Even though Dinah had the natural power that the previous Black Canary, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), needed a voice modulator to produce, Dinah was always reluctant to don the costume and assume the moniker.

Actress Juliana Harkavy, who plays Dinah Drake, told that the first time she put on the costume was the first time she really felt like a superhero.

"It gave me a newfound purpose for the role," she said.

Season 6 will see the return of Laurel Lance, but a Laurel from Earth Two, whose alter ego is a villain named Black Siren. Since this is a "new" Laurel, I don't think she will have much of a connection with her old superhero character, but Harkavy thinks Black Siren will see it as a "challenge."

"To be honest, I don’t know what the interaction between those two is going to be," Harkavy said.

One thing that will likely cause problems between Siren and Canary is Dinah's relationship with Quentin Lance, Laurel's father.

"I think Dinah has a lot of empathy for [Quentin] and vice versa," Harkavy said of Quentin being a possible "surrogate father." "I do feel like that’s a relationship I’d like to see nurtured next season."

I suspect that this will cause daddy issues for Black Siren, and that is where the main conflict between the two characters will come from. What do you think?

Arrow returns for a sixth season on Thursday, October 12, on The CW.

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