Watch: We honor Miles Morales for Black History Month's 28 Days of Heroes

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Feb 27, 2017, 11:20 AM EST (Updated)

We're turning the spotlight on some of our favorite heroes for Black History Month, and today we're talking all about Spider-Man. No, not Peter Parker. The other one.

Miles Morales had a splashy introduction when he replaced the late Peter Parker in Marvel's now-defunct Ultimate line of comics. Miles stepped into the void left by Peter's death and became a legit hero in his own right. Miles proved that anyone with both great power and a sense of great responsibility could be swinging around saving New York under that Spidey mask ... and he turned out to be a well-rounded and nuanced young man, to boot.

Miles turned out to be a bona fide hit, and he's pretty much the only thing from the Ultimate universe to make the jump over to the "new" universe born in the wake of Secret Wars. Which is great, because Miles is awesome. And that venom sting power is cooler than pretty much anything Peter Parker can do. Just sayin'.

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