Watch: We celebrate Vixen for Black History Month's 28 Days of Heroes

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Feb 9, 2017, 10:00 AM EST

Mari McCabe's Tantu Totem gives her animal powers, which she uses to defend the innocent as Vixen. And in honor of Black History Month, we want to tip our cap to the ferocious warrior woman (P.S. she is one of 28 heroes we are spotlighting).

Vixen was supposed to be DC's first black female comic hero to headline a solo book. Unfortunately, that was delayed and she didn't make her formal debut until the early 1980s ... but she's been a stalwart member of various superhero squads ever since. She's popped up everywhere from the Justice League to the Suicide Squad over the years. More recently, Vixen headlined her own animated series on the CW Seed, and a different version of the character has joined up with the Legends of Tomorrow in the current season.

She's awesome. Join us in our celebration.