Black Lagoon to get ditched Alien director?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Going from possibly directing the resuscitation of one classic monster franchise to another, it looks like Ridley Scott's protégée Carl Erik Rinsch might create a new Creature From the Black Lagoon remake once he finishes filming Keanu Reeves in the historical samurai epic The 47 Ronin.

Before Scott, who brought us the first Alien 30 years ago, was tapped to direct the prequel to Alien currently in development at Fox, Rinsch had been groomed to make the prequel.

Now Variety reports that Universal, which has resurrected to varying degrees of success its "classic monster" legacy with the Mummy movies, Van Helsing and its upcoming The Wolfman, is courting Rinsch to make a new version of its 1954 classic about an amphibious, humanoid and sort of tragic monster who terrorizes a scientific expedition on the Amazon. Rinsch has been directing cutting-edge commercials for Ridley and Tony Scott's RSA company for years.

The original, filmed in 3-D with a lot of artistic grace by the late, great Jack Arnold, spawned two sequels back in the 1950s. A remake of Creature has been brewing at Universal for decades, with John Landis and John Carpenter rumored to direct at different points, and with SF giant and creator of the Quatermass serials Nigel Kneale writing one of the proposed screenplays.

So, what do you think? Given Universal's track record in how it treats its classic monsters, do you think the Creature will get a fair shake?