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Black Lightning: First look at Jill Scott's villain of Kobra Kult member Lady Eve

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Jan 28, 2018

Grammy Award-winning musician Jill Scott slithers into view as Lady Eve in a new photo from the CW's Black Lightning

Originally appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #24 (1985), Lady Eve was a member of the Kobra Cult who was involved in a plot to blackmail the U.S. government by stealing the plans for a satellite defense system. She and Kobra were ultimately foiled by Batman and the Outsiders. She's also fought Katana, the hero whose sword traps the souls of its victims -- thanks, Suicide Squad


The CW


The CW

Eve won't be represented in a reptilian light for the show, however. Her character is the owner of a funeral parlor who comes into conflict with Black Lightning after associating herself with Tobias Whale (Marvin "Krondon" Jones III) and The 100 Gang. But who knows? Scott may gain her scales later on. 


The third episode of Season 1, "Lawanda: The Book of Burial," airs on Tuesday, January 30, at 9/8c.

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