Black Mirror announces premiere date and trailer twist for fans

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Dec 6, 2017

Black Mirror loves its twists, so it makes sense the show would fake everyone out by announcing the release date for the new season right after flooding its fans with teasers. The Netflix anthology series is so big it's generated buzz since its fourth season’s episode titles were announced, but fans expected to wait until next year to dig into the show’s newest offerings.

According to EW, however, horror-loving streamers can find the new season on their devices December 29. Just in time for some New Year’s bingeing, Season 4’s six-episode run will be a late Christmas present -- but if you have to know now, it’s recently had its review embargo lifted.

The responses are often as diverse as the Black Mirror episodes themselves, which run the gamut from a brisk black-and-white horror thriller to a lengthy Star Trek parody. With such wide-ranging scope (including the technological and psychological paranoia fans have come to expect from the show), this season is sure to have something to pique the interest of almost all sci-fi enthusiasts this holiday season.

For more immediate gratification, the show has also released a new full-length trailer that should sate your needs more than the six teasers dropped so far. The disparate episodes feel much more like components of an anthology once they've shared some editing, but you can see for yourself below:


There are a few brief shots of new footage supplementing the ultimate tease of a tantalizingly near premiere date, but the main draw from this announcement is that with Black Mirror, even the marketing and production can sometimes be a misdirection.