Black Mirror goes black and white for stark and desperate 'Metalhead' trailer

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Dec 4, 2017, 10:35 AM EST

Even for a show that stakes much of its creepiness on our collective mistrust of technology, we’ve gotta say — there’s no gray area about trusting the technology that’s on the menace in “Metalhead,” the latest episode trailer Netflix is teasing for Season 4 of Black Mirror. This is tech that comes with teeth — literally.

In the warehouse, in the bedroom, at cliff’s edge: In “Metalhead,” bad things are going down in a more direct way than series fans may be used to. And, for the first time, they’re going down in black and white.

A heavy dose of suspense seems to be part of the recipe in the “Metalhead” clip. We look in on a woman as she communicates her deteriorating circumstances from a remote location using a two-way radio. It looks like something bad already happened to her companion. There’s an accident in a warehouse they’ve visited. The woman informs someone on the radio that “we” found a dog in there.

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There may be much more to the “dog” than mere flesh and blood, and we’re guessing that’s where the episode’s title comes in. We get a glimpse of something on four legs running across a barren moor in the distance. We see a bed that’s been … messed up … by something more ferocious than a house pet.

Of the “dog,” the woman reports across the radio: “My guess is, it’s still operational.”

It sounds more direct and violent than a lot of Black Mirror fare, which typically has relied on atmosphere and psychodrama to effectively unnerve viewers. And framing the episode in black and white looks like a move that definitely ramps up the suspense — and the starkness of the protagonist’s circumstances.

The new trailer, which teases the fifth of six episodes in the show’s upcoming fourth season, comes fast on the heels of teasers for the first four, which Netflix has been releasing in short succession as it ramps up the buzz.

And now that five out of six episodes have gotten the teaser treatment, there’s a good chance that Netflix will be revealing a release date for Season 4 of Black Mirror sometime very soon — possibly even when the trailer for the next episode drops. At the rate these have been coming, that could be any moment now — so stay tuned.