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Black Mirror star has a very dark theory about the ending of 'USS Callister'

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Jan 5, 2018, 1:04 PM EST (Updated)

Black Mirror is known for bleak outlooks and disturbing episodes. The first episode of the latest season "USS Callister" is so mind-blowing there's even potential for a spin-off series. And if you're still wondering what exactly was the fate of Jimmi Simpson's character? It's pretty dark.

**Spoilers for Black Mirror episode "USS Callister" ahead. Turn that ship around if you don't want to know what happens.**

"USS Callister" follows tech genius Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons) as he lives two strikingly different lives. The first: bullied and unappreciated at his own company called Callister. The second: captain of the USS Callister in a Star Trek-like game simulation. Jimmi Simpson (Westworld) plays Callister's other owner, Walton.

Walton is the epitome of fun, cool, slacker boss who the co-workers love. Meanwhile, they think Daly is creepy and pathetic. But throughout the episode, Walton's likeability increases as we learn more about what he's suffered aboard the USS Callister. Ultimately he sacrifices himself for the team's freedom from the game by committing himself to an unknown fate. Does he die when the ship jumped through the black hole? Or is he still alive and doomed to float around space for eternity? Simpson says it's more likely the latter.

In a recent interview with EW, Simpson says the cast discussed his character Walton's ending, but they weren't happy with what they learned.

"What? He’s just in the air? We don’t like that. First of all, it’s so Charlie [Brooker, series creator]. But it’s essential, I think. These people [on the Callister] have been tortured for what feels like hundreds of years. My take is — and you’ll have to ask Charlie, I’m not writing his script — but, yeah. Screaming cells for all eternity.”

Black Mirror rarely has happy endings but still, this one is rough. Do you think Walton deserves to scream into the void forever?

(via EW)