Black Mirror The Entire History of You

Black Mirror writer says film version of his episode in 'development hell' after being optioned by Robert Downey Jr.

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Aug 6, 2018

"The Entire History of You" is one of the most memorable and acclaimed episodes of the hit sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror. In a series that built its reputation on stories that reflect our often terrifying relationship to technology, its tale of a man obsessed with his wife's sexual history in a world where everyone has an implant that records and can play back their life was a particular standout. 

The episode stood out so much, in fact, that in 2013 Robert Downey Jr.'s Team Downey production company optioned it, with the ultimate goal of adapting its technological premise into a feature film. Five years later, if you're wondering whatever happened with that project, you're not the only one. Well, writer Jesse Armstrong is here to clear that up, and to hopefully get some other people interested.

Speaking to Yahoo! Movies UK about his new HBO series Succession, Armstrong provided an update on the film version of "Entire History," and things aren't looking good, at least as far as Downey's version is concerned.

“I think it’s now available again so let’s make this interview an advertisement that someone else can option it,” Armstrong said. “It’s not currently being made. It’s in development hell! It’s not progressing but we do [want it made].”

Downey's company apparently won the rights to the episode's story as the result of a bidding war that also included star-producers like George Clooney, but Downey was not set to star in the film at the time of the acquisition. Armstrong was also still attached to the project as the writer of the feature version, which according to The Hollywood Reporter's 2013 coverage of the option would have followed a man who played back the memories of his dead wife and uncovered a "vast conspiracy." 

It's not really clear from Armstrong's comments where that particular script stands, but it is clear that he'd still like to expand the "Entire History" concept into a feature, apparently without Downey's company involved since the option seems to have lapsed. So, if you're a producer looking for a sci-fi thriller hook, this one is just sitting there waiting once again.

Black Mirror is now in production on its fifth season, which will premiere on Netflix.

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