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Black Mirror's "Hang the DJ" episode (Image via Netflix)

Black Mirror's 'Hang the DJ' dating coach coming to ruin your Valentine’s Day

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Feb 14, 2018, 6:26 PM EST (Updated)

Like it wasn’t enough for Black Mirror to ruin all hope for the future, now they’re going and ruining our relationships in the present. That Charlie Brooker sure knows how to celebrate Valentine's Day.

If you’re currently in a loving relationship, perhaps now would be a good time not to visit, the new site being promoted by Black Mirror’s official Twitter account

Fans of the show will definitely recall this season’s “Hang the DJ” episode, which finds future funny talkers being led through the dating system by their own personal mobile coach. Unfortunately though, each date the system sets them up on comes with its own expiration date, the expiry. 

Some expirys are short, which can bring on a sense of detachment, and some are long, which can make it feel like a prison sentence. And apparently all come with the promise of futuristic sex. Alas, romance is far from guaranteed. 

The new Coach Dating site asks you to share the site's URL with your partner, and then go through a series of clicks meant to test your compatibility, including whether or not you both want to know your expiry date. If all goes well, you’ve found your “ultimate match,” if not, well, you’re S.O.L., and your relationship is apparently doomed. Happy Valentine’s Day?

So be forewarned, if you were planning on Netflixing n’ chilling this Valentine's Day, maybe think of a better plan.

(via The Wrap)