Black Panther cast talks "one-degree" better suit, "on-call push-ups" and more in livestream Q&A

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Feb 12, 2018, 9:44 PM EST (Updated)

In just four days, Black Panther finally hits theaters nationwide. To promote the film (not like it needs it), Marvel Studios held a live Q&A on Twitter Monday evening. Based in New York, and livestreamed to theaters in a dozen different cities, the cast of Black Panther appeared on stage to answer questions from the audience and Twitter.

Gathered on stage were writer and director Ryan Coogler; cast members Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, and Letitia Wright; executive producer Nate Moore; and Kevin Feige, producer and President of Marvel Studios. The group spoke for about 45 minutes with Candi Castleberry Singleton, the Vice President of Intersectionality, Culture, and Diversity at Twitter.

You can watch the replay of the entire Q&A below, followed by an a new clip, presented exclusively for the occasion.

Some highlights:

Boseman -- Black Panther himself -- said that he did a DNA ancestry test to see what parts of Africa he came from, so that his portrayal of T'Challa wouldn't feel generalized. He also said that the Black Panther suit was "really, really hot." The new suit is apparently better than the old suit, but only by about "one degree." He does, however, appreciate the concept of beauty being painful, so he didn't mind it too much.

We also learned about "on-call push-ups," a kind of bet in which the winner is free to make the loser do a push-up whenver and wherever the winner decrees. In this case, Nyong'o won against Jordan -- and so she made him do his push-up on the Q&A stage.

The most touching part of the evening came when the moderator asked the final question, though, which came from that group of kids whose response about getting to see Black Panther went viral. They wanted to know what message the cast and crew wanted to send to the kids. Coogler said that, while the film is for everyone, of all races and ages, he especially hoped that black children would "never, ever have to be ashamed to be African."

Black Panther hits theaters and IMAX Feb. 16.

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