Black Panther concept art shows off the cape T'Chaka almost wore in Black Panther

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Feb 27, 2018, 11:02 AM EST (Updated)

The Black Panther suit worn by T'Challa in his own movie is vastly more complex than the one he wore in Captain America: Civil War. Thanks to Shuri's own genius, the newly crowned king of Wakanda can absorb kinetic energy that hits his vibranium-based suit and refocus it to his own ends — a nifty little trick that can disengage cars in South Korea and tribal warriors on the battlefield of his home country.

However, the movie might have featured an older version of the costume worn by T'Challa's father, King T'Chaka, as revealed by Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor & Concept Artist Andy Park on Twitter.

In two pieces of Black Panther concept art, we see that there was a possibility for the inclusion of an outfit straight out of the classic Marvel comic books, complete with the trademark cape. The cape in question was adjustable in length and could transform into a business suit at the king's pleasure.

The accessory has a long history at Marvel, appearing for the first time on the cover of Fantastic Four #52 in July of 1966, where Black Panther made his debut. 


It is unclear if this costume would have been worn by the younger T'Chaka (played by Atandwa Kani) in the Oakland flashback scenes, but since he's only wearing the suit during those moments, there can be almost no doubt the cape would have shown up there.

Obviously, the filmmakers settled on a sleeker look, and adding the classic cape would have just hindered that goal, especially if it was blowing all over the place during the more intense action sequences. To put it in the words of another Disney-owned character: