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Black Panther merchandise is now the No. 2 top-selling swag on Fandango ever, behind Star Wars

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Mar 7, 2018, 5:49 PM EST

Black Panther continues to clock some impressive records. After just three weeks in theaters, the film has now zipped to No. 2 on Fandango's list of all-time top-selling merchandise at its FanShop — just behind merchandising juggernaut Star Wars.

Panther has surpassed Guardians of the Galaxy and ranks among the top five best-selling titles, along with Wonder Woman and Spider-Man.  

This means the movie now has bragging rights beyond its momentous box office sales, which are currently over $900 million worldwide. The film became Fandango’s top February ticket-seller and No. 4 all-time preseller, with the site accounting for more than 30 percent of all U.S. ticket sales on the film’s opening weekend.

Black Panther is one of those movies where so many people had a personal connection to it,” says Fandango managing editor Erik Davis in a statement to SYFY WIRE. “And when you feel that kind of connection to a movie, you immediately want to own some part of it as a way to continue celebrating your experience of the film. Because Black Panther is touching so many lives, it’s driving up interest in the film’s gear and collectibles."

One of the fastest sellers is actually a Black Panther-themed Kimoyo Bead Bracelet. Based on the sci-fi, vibranium-based accessory from the film, the replica bracelet (designed by RockLove) is made from solid metal and plated with a gunmetal rhodium. Inscribed on each bead is a handcrafted sigil with silver enamel, and it's also got a blue glow-in-the-dark textured Prime Bead. It's interesting that the best-selling swag would be jewelry rather than a Panther mask or claws, but those high-tech bracelets were pretty dope in the movie. (They go for $89.99 a pop.) 


Courtesy of Fandango

Also available on Fandango are three new tie-in posters for the film done by award-winning artist Jonathan Moody. Using a mural-like style, the first two show T'Challa in costume as Wakanda's protector while the third depicts him going head-to-head with Killmonger in his golden Panther suit.


Courtesy of Fandango


Courtesy of Fandango


Courtesy of Fandango 

Moody, whose work often includes projects for film and television, "takes a critical view of social, political, cultural, and personal issues, which he uses to deconstruct the image of the human figure," according to a release from Fandango. 

Meanwhile, Black Panther is expected to make another strong showing at the box office this weekend (where it'll go up against the eagerly anticipated adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time), as it inches closer toward cracking the $1 billion mark globally.

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