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Black Panther wins (yet another) award, this time from Common Sense Media

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Nov 9, 2018, 5:42 PM EST

Black Panther continues its award-winning streak. Just days after winning the top prize from the 2018 Hollywood Film Awards, Common Sense Media has announced the Marvel Studios blockbuster will receive the Great Family Media Award at the 2018 Common Sense Awards.  

Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization designed to help media, technology and public policy improve the well-being of children. They publish those movie reviews that let parents know how age-appropriate films are. 

"The Common Sense Awards honor artists, educators, and advocates who use media and technology to inspire and advance new ideas, engage diverse or marginalized communities, and effect positive change for children," said James P. Steyer, CEO and founder of Common Sense, in announcing the awards, per an article from The Hollywood Reporter.

Added Steyer: "In today's divisive culture, this night is an opportunity to celebrate all the good that media can do, shining a spotlight on important issues and inspiring a generation of kids toward a brighter future."

The award ceremony will be held Nov. 15 at San Francisco’s City Hall. Black Panther director Ryan Coogler will be on deck to accept the award in person at the ceremony.

This is one of many awards that Black Panther has received since premiering in February. In addition to the previously-mentioned 2018 Hollywood Film Award, the record-breaking blockbuster won five Saturn Awards, Best Movie at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the top honor at this year's Golden Trailer Awards, and took home the Best Movie Award at the BET Awards.  

And all of this is while Marvel Studios is putting its full weight behind campaigning for the superhero film to be nominated for all the Oscars, including Best Picture. Seriously, it's a popular movie. 

And until we learn who the Oscar nominees are in January, keep winning those awards, Black Panther & Co. Wakanda Forever!