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Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman: studio’s support of film made him ‘more idealistic about the world’

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Dec 4, 2018

Wakanda Forever! (No, we're never going to tire of yelling/typing that for these pieces.) As Black Panther prowls its way through awards season, star Chadwick Boseman said that working on the Marvel film, and the studio's willingness to put its full weight behind it, made him "more idealistic."

During The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Roundtable, Boseman said that Disney and Marvel Studios putting so much "money behind this movie with a mostly black cast" made him "more idealistic about the world and about how things can go, and that that could happen in other places, other production companies, other studios, on other projects."

"Sometimes as African Americans we have 'The Black Version.' And it's never as good. They never put as much into it," Boseman explained.

The Black Panther star also noted that, since he was playing a character who had a deep understanding of his heritage and lineage, Boseman discovered that searching for his real culture was a major challenge for him while making the film.

"As an African-American I have searched for that my entire life. But [I was playing] a person who didn't have to search for it," Boseman said. "There is a certain patriotism to something that has never been lost ... And I don't know it, my parents don't know it, my grandparents don't know it."

Boseman's remarks during the roundtable complement some of the comments his co-star Winston Duke (who played M'Baku) made in October suggesting that the massive success of Black Panther will change how Hollywood operates.

Black Panther has not just been a critical and commercial success, but it's also shaping up to be an awards darling. After already winning multiple awards as it campaigns for the ultimate prize, industry observers are predicting that the record-breaking superhero film will likely be nominated for Best Motion Picture, Drama, for the Golden Globes when the noms are announced on Thursday.

So, clearly, Boseman has reasons to be idealistic. Wakanda Forever! (Seriously, no, we're not stopping.)

(Via THR)

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