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Black Siren gets even more malicious in our exclusive Arrow Season 5 deleted scene

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Sep 20, 2017

While the fifth season of Arrow ended in a tumultuous finale showdown that detonated several bombs both literally and otherwise, there were a few that never went off. This one was almost left on Lian Yu—until the deleted scene resurfaced on the DVD and Blu-ray that dropped yesterday, and which you can now watch below.

If you didn’t think Black Siren could get any more malicious, she does. John, Rene, Quentin, and Dinah are chained in the temple where the villainess has them in custody, trying to figure out how to deactivate the dampener that sets Dinah’s sonic scream on mute so they can tackle the goon squad and escape. Except they can’t seem to devise anything stealthy enough.

Dinah suggests that one of them fake sickness, just to draw attention so they can then take down the goons. Bad idea. If it weren't for Quentin, who brings them back to reality about their captors not caring about any of their prisoners supposedly writhing in pain, they probably would have. Except Black Siren has a surprise for them before they make a move.

So where could this confrontation have been deleted from? The captives in the temple appear right after that totally random kiss between Felicity and Oliver (#Olicity, anyone?), so it only makes sense that it was intended to either be part of the longer subsequent scene or as a standalone at some point after that, and before the escape.

The only issue is that if the scene had made the final cut, what Black Siren unleashes could have meant a potentially dire situation for Rene if it actually happened. This episode already has too many instances in which everyone could end up vaporized (or dead by some other ghastly method) in two seconds.

Hold back your own sonic scream as you watch this exclusive clip, then get your hands on the DVD for more scenes that almost vanished with Lian Yu.

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