A Black Widow comics writer just started an amazing film script for her

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Nov 5, 2014

Marvel just announced a massive film slate that will take the company all the way through 2019. It includes movies starring a female superhero (Captain Marvel), a black superhero (Black Panther) and all of Marvel's heroes in Avengers: Infinity War parts one and two. It's an ambitious lineup, but Marvel Studios' flagship female hero, Black Widow, was nonetheless left out of the mix of solo hero films. Though fans have wanted it for several years now, a Marvel film led by Scarlett Johansson isn't happening any time soon. 

That hasn't stopped fans of the character from campaigning for one, though, and writer Nathan Edmondson -- who's scripted the Black Widow comic-book series since it kicked off at the start of 2014 -- just lent his voice to the effort. Black Widow scripts have been developed before, and Hollywood filmmakers have expressed interest in making a film about the character before, but Edmondson's approach isn't about development. He simply wrote a few opening pages for a hypothetical Black Widow script, put them on his website, and invited everyone to take a look, and maybe even pick up his ideas and run with them to create a full script. 

Edmondson's script begins with Natasha right in the middle of a mission, and in the span of a little more than five pages he depicts her wearing a disguise, scaling a building, firing a precise sniper shot, tracking down an information source and fighting her way through a tough situation. It's exactly the kind of action-packed opening that would make Widow pop on the big screen, and we hope something like it gets made someday. Check out the first couple of pages from Edmondson below:

For the rest, head over to Edmondson's site. What do you think? Is this the Black Widow movie we need?

(Via The A.V. Club)

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