Black Widow may still be alive in Marvel’s new Tales of Suspense books

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:51 AM EDT (Updated)

OK, so we saw her break her neck at the hands of the evil Captain America. Hell, we even saw her funeral in the latest Secret Empire Omega issue. But in the post-death world of comic book heroes, that doesn’t mean anything, and let’s be honest, who on earth wants a world without Black Widow in it?

According to Marvel’s upcoming Tales of Suspense #100 books, there’s a chance Natasha Romanoff is still with us. Speaking to ABC News' streaming show Inside Marvel on Thursday, Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort revealed that the new series will ponder whether Romanoff was actually killed by Hydra-Cap in Secret Empire.

"She certainly seems to be dead, but we get a little hint in the 'Omega' that maybe something more is going on," Brevoort teased, adding that Hawkeye and Bucky Barnes will be put on the "trail of Natasha's ghost, and each dealing with their own grief and their own feelings both for her as a person and for her as an institution."

Yes, that’s right, she’s a damn institution, and I for one would like to see her placed firmly back in the Marvel universe. Given that we’re still all hoping for that Scarlett Johansson-led origin movie, and what with the character’s upcoming appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, I can’t imagine we’ve seen the last of Black Widow just yet.

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