Blade Runner 2049 gets a limited edition whisky release from Johnnie Walker

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Sep 19, 2017, 5:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Watching a great movie is a great experience, but for many that experience could be made better by watching the same great movie with a little something extra. It could be a glass of red wine, or a beer, or a martini. If you're a Blade Runner fan, though, a nice glass of blended Scotch whisky might just do the trick.

As you may recall from the original 1982 film, there's a scene in which Harrison Ford's Deckard sits down with Bryant (M. Emmet Walsh) to discuss the case of the rogue replicants, which is what drives most of the film. As they talk, they pour glasses of Johnnie Walker Black, a classic blended Scotch, from a futuristic bottle. It's an iconic scene from the film for many reasons, but for whisky lovers that moment also stands out because of the brand, and because of the battle.

Well, with Blade Runner 2049 on the horizon, Johnnie Walker has re-partnered with the iconic sci-fi franchise for a limited edition new blend inspired by the film. Dubbed "Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director's Cut," this new blend was produced in collaboration with the film's director, Denis Villeneuve. For extra fun, it comes in a futuristic bottle inspired by the bottle from the original film, but with a bit sleeker design. Check it out:


That's very pretty, and if you're a Scotch fan you probably know that it'll be very tasty. Here's the thing, though: According to io9, only 39,000 bottles of this stuff are going to be released, so get 'em while they're hot. If you want a taste, it'll set you back $89.99.

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