Blade Runner 2049, NYCC exclusive

Blade Runner 2049 NYCC exclusive posters show the L.A. drought is finally over

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Oct 6, 2017

After 35 years of waiting, today finally marks the day you’ll be able to see a Blade Runner sequel in theaters, as Blade Runner 2049 opens wide. But if 35 years of anticipation wasn’t enough to get you excited, these three free New York Comic Con exclusive posters should surely do the dystopian trick.

If you pop over to Bottleneck Gallery’s booth number 2160 at the Con today, you’ll be gifted this stunning lithograph by artist Matt Ferguson (exclusively debuted by io9), which shows off Ryan Gosling’s LAPD Agent K beautifully backlit against the somber, rain-soaked streets of 2049 Los Angeles.

Blade Runner 2049, NYCC Exclusive poster

(Image by Matt Ferguson, courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Saturday’s exclusive Con giveaway poster is by Karl Fitzgerald, who utilizes the same color palette and rainstorm to show K alone in the crowded, unfriendly city streets.

Blade Runner 2049, NYCC exclusive

(Image by Karl Fitzgerald, courtesy of Warner Bros.)

And finally, Sunday’s exclusive poster comes from Raid 71, who depicts K piloting his spinner past a hologram advertisement as the rain continues to fall. Apparently the drought is way over in 2049 Los Angeles.

Blade Runner 2049, NYCC exclusive

(Image by Raid 71, Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Blade Runner 2049 opens wide today — will you be watching?

(Images courtesy of Warner Bros.)

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