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Blade Runner gets the Honest Trailer treatment ahead of 2049

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:02 AM EDT (Updated)

Did you love Ridley Scott's Blade Runner? You might want to skip Screen Junkie's latest Honest Trailer if it ranks high up among your all-time favorite sci-fi flicks. This is not a spoiler alert as much it is a warning to fans of the series who want to keep this sci-fi masterpiece just the way they remember it.

"This ain't your daddy's bright and shiny sci-fi," Honest Trailers narrator Jon Baily jokes. He's right. It's your grandpa's dark, tense Philip K. Dick adaptation that has more cuts than Batman's C-list villain Zsasz.


Honest Trailers hilariously rips this movie apart gives a strong argument on how inadequately written and overly hyped Blade Runner has been over the last 32 years. "Come on, guys. If it was perfect, they wouldn't have recut it 100 times," Baily declares.

But don't let the Emmy-nominated YouTube series change your opinion of the cult classic that influenced sci-fi noir over the span of three decades. Is this Honest Trailer off base? Or does it echo what you've been screaming all these years?

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