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Blade Runner's future is here today as fans welcome Blade Runner Day

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Nov 1, 2019, 12:05 PM EDT

Fans of Ridley Scott's loose adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? find themselves with a new relationship to Blade Runner today, as the iconic science-fiction film sees its futuristic setting come down to Earth. That's because the Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer-starring film opens with Rick Deckard in Los November of 2019. Now that October has come to an end, sci-fi fans have to face the facts that Nov. 2019 won't really have replicants, off-world colonies, or flying cars — and they don't need any origami unicorns to confirm that reality.

Fans, however, have taken the date's arrival in relatively good spirits. Many took to Twitter to celebrate: some posting shots of the title card, others lamenting the futuristic tech that simply hasn't arrived in our world. Still others joked about the present problems of society in comparison to those of Blade Runner's rain-drenched neo-noir.

Take a look:

Even Netflix got in on the fun...despite not offering the film for streaming on its stateside service:

Those looking to watch one of the many cuts of Blade Runner will have to rent the film from a digital distributor, but if sci-fi fans are looking for other films that have (incorrectly) predicted 2019, there's no shortage. Genre favorites like The Running ManAkira, The Island, and even Steel Frontier (ok, they're not all favorites) all imagined a future setting that's date has already come to pass this year.

What's the one thing from 2019-set sci-fi that you wish was in real-life 2019?