Blake's 7 concept art makes us ask, 'Are we there yet?'

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

To know the BBC show Blake's 7 is to love its dark, anarchic ethos. The show only aired for four years, 1978 to 1981 (with the production values, the fashion, and, oh gods, the hair to prove it), and for those of us who had seen it, the announcement of a reboot back in 2012 was thrilling to hear. But it's now 2014, with almost no news about B7 Mark 2. Except for this:

The unnamed production company has released three pieces of concept art for the show that, according to the Nerdist, is "still in development." The Nerdist calls the three images "H.R. Giger-y." And we have to agree. We can see the late artist's influence in the yawning corridor of the Liberator (our protagonists' ship), the bony grip around the exterior and the disharmonious skyline of Trafalgar Square, circa 2700 AD. We have them for you, below.

Blake's 7 was the perfect show for those of us who have ever wondered, "What if the cast of Star Trek actually hated each other?" Here, not only do several major characters actively dislike each other, in one memorable episode, "Orbit," the antiheroic computer programmer Avon was actively trying to kill the antiheroic thief Vila.

We would love to see a reboot of this, particularly now that we no longer have Browncoats to hate on the government.

So although "still in development" isn't as encouraging as casting actors and finding a director, it's far better than "dropped like an ice cream on Mustafar."

Via Nerdist.