Blaze a trail toward a 5-page preview for IDW's Star Trek Waypoint #1

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

It's Data and the Holograms in this fresh 5-page preview for Star Trek Waypoint, IDW's new bi-monthly Star Trek anthology mini-series attuned to the seminal sci-fi show's big 50th anniversary party.   Conceived as a celebratory compilation telling bold new tales set within the original Star Trek universe, each starblazing issue will showcase two different stories from a revolving roster of Trek-loving writers and artists.  The debut issue, launching on September 28th, sees Captain Geordi La Forge and his Data-dotted bridge crew encountering a mysterious interstellar a post-Next Generation yarn from the creative team of Donny Cates and Mack Chater, paired with an original Uhura-centric tale by writer/artist Sandra Lanz.   

Here's the official solicitation synopsis and preview gallery below:

A blockbuster bi-monthly anthology to celebrate 50 years of STAR TREK, featuring short stories across all Treks, by the top talent of today and yesterday!

First, a NEXT GENERATION story by Donny Cates and Mack Chater. Unable to decipher a mysterious ship’s coded messages, Starfleet has enlisted its two greatest scientific minds, Captain Geordi La Forge and his best friend Data, to investigate. What they discover will alter the course of scientific human history as we know it!

Then, an ORIGINAL SERIES story by Sandra Lanz, where a crewmember, stranded on a strange planet, encounters a bizarre alien creature. They must learn how to interact, but how?

Grab the first issue next Wednesday, then slow to impulse speed and indulge your adventurous inclinations with IDW's  Star Trek Waypoint #1.

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