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Mar 1, 2008

Warning: Doctor Who intensive material follows. Spoilers for "Blink", too.

So as a reward to myself for finishing up a pile of work, I watched the Doctor Who episode "Blink." This is the second time I have seen it, and it was even better this time. Honestly, even if you are not a Who fan, this one episode stands out. I'd put it up against any other single episode of any show, including "Out of Gas" in Firefly.

Anyway, I think I have found an inconsistency, and it's making me insane. What follows are spoilers, so if you've seen it, help me out. If you haven't, then get it! Watch it! Love it!

So the detective shows Sally the cars and the TARDIS parked in the police station. He says they've had it a while, it's their crown jewel of the collection. What must have happened is that after the Doctor and Martha are sent back to 1969 by the angels, the police found the box at the house and moved it.

But then later, maybe that evening, Sally and Larry are at the abandoned house, and she finds the TARDIS in the basement!

I can't see how that's anything but a mistake. I even tried to think of some way for the Doctor to have taken the TARDIS to that house after all the events we see (he knows she was in the house when he "talks" to her -- best conversation scene ever written, ever, by the way), but it's a stretch, and I don't think this is how it was meant to have happened...

Sally sends the TARDIS in the house back to 1969, rescuing the Doctor and Martha (but not the detective! That seems cruel). Then he takes it back to the house and leaves it there for her to find -- maybe he shows up just an hour before she and Larry come to the house. Then the Doctor and Martha walk to the police station, grab the TARDIS sitting there, and off they go!

That actually works. However, it means the TARDIS is in two places at the same time, and it may be that the TARDIS in the basement is in some sort of causal loop. Also, and I have to stress this, he leaves the detective in 1969. He has to, I know, but yikes.

So, does this make sense?

Still, what a story! This is up there with The Terminator for sheer time travel wonderfulness, and of course, wibbley-wobbley timey-wimeyness.

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