The Bloggies!

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Jan 5, 2006


The Bloggies are coming! This is the Oscar, if you will, of blogs. You can vote for your favorite blogs, with topics like politics, crafts, tech, etc.

But dagnappit, there's no science category.

There is, however, a "Best Topical Blog" category, and this is where shameless self-promotion comes in. There aren't many astronomy blogs, and one has to be best, right? Actually, you can nominate up to three, which will dampen my wanton craveness somewhat.

Anyway, if you like the Bad Astronomy Blog, why not mosey on over to the Bloggies site and write it in?

P.S. Barring some catastrophe, which is always a possibility, this should be the last self-referential blog entry for a while. I'll have a way cool astro-picture to post tonight, so back to astronomy!'

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